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Sunday, October 14, 2012

दोन नवीन नोंदी

मिसफिट - अशोक शहाणे

दोन कलाप्रकारांचा संवाद - प्रभाकर कोलते

या दोन नोंदी ब्लॉगवर प्रसिद्ध केल्या आहेत. कमलताई गेल्यानंतर 'प्रहार'च्या १८ जून २०११च्या अंकात हे लेख प्रसिद्ध झाले होते. कमलताईंबद्दल काही गोष्टी एकत्र सापडाव्यात एवढाच हेतू असलेल्या ह्या ब्लॉगवर केवळ माहितीसाठी या नोंदी प्रसिद्ध होत आहेत. बाकी, या सगळ्याचं श्रेय ते ते लेखक, प्रहार पेपर आणि त्या पानासाठी काम केलेले संपादक ह्या लोकांनाच जातं. 'प्रहार'ने एक अख्खं पान कमलताईंना आदरांजली वाहण्यासाठी तयार केलं होतं. (आदरांजली शब्दावर क्लिक केल्यावर ते पान पाहाता येईल.)

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  1. I never commented on the Ms. Desai's art either on my blog or here because I never liked what she wrote.

    Not that I have a read a lot written by her but whatever little I read.

    I did not like even her supposedly last essay: On Anil Awchat in Lalit Diwali 2012.

    But I liked her as a person.

    She and our family go back a long way. We lived just 100 meters from her house in Miraj. She and my father were colleagues at Bhiwandi college and at one point we would have classified her as our good 'family friend'. We called her Desai-bai.

    She came to our house a few times in Miraj and I still remember a very pleasant evening our family spent at Ms. Desai's house/ terrace at Miraj.

    I think her sister and very old mother(?) too were around. As a kid I liked her as a person. She came across as funny.

    My father, she and another of their colleague saw a stage-show of 'Natsamrat' at Mumbai around 1969(?). My father later told me the kind of commentary she was doing while watching the play. She called my father 'GD'. She said something like this: "what are you watching so seriously GD? This is all xxxxxxxx!"

    I know some of the family feuds she had to suffer. Various writers on her have alluded to them on this blog. In fact, I know a lot of gory details because once she came to our house and met my mother after an incident. Very unpleasant. Almost unbelievable. But I won't recount them here.

    I tried to meet her in Pune when Sadhana award was bestowed on her. Just after the function, I touched her feet and tried to make small conversation. But she was lost somewhere. I realised I was unable to take the relationship forward.

    I lost all the interest in her literature after reading Vilas Sarang's criticism of her work. When you love Sarang, as I do, that is the price you pay. Now, there was no motivation to make even an attempt to read her work.

    Today I don't possess a single book written by Desai-bai. But I still remember her as a very pleasant, funny personality.